2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for something special to give this holiday season? 
Give gifts created by kids!
We've gathered a list of products & services from local St. Louis youth entrepreneurs making it easy to find that perfect present. Start Shopping! 
Holiday Gift Sets

Created by 12-yr-old Audrey, 
her mother Angela & younger sister Ava 
We're pairing characters from the Sissy + Snap! collection of friends together for special savings this holiday season. Take your pick: BFFs or Dynamic Duo. For a limited time!!!

Mikey Learns About Business

Mike Learns About Business
Created by 12-yr-old Mikey Knows Biz 
Mikey is a 9 year old who wants to start a business, but he doesn’t know how. Mikey meets a magical briefcase name “Biz” that guides him through what it takes to start a business.

Knit Happens

Lincoln 3D Arts
Created by 13-yr-old Drew Villhard
Unique charms, jewelry, and trinkets that Drew designs on a computer and converts to 3D files for his printer.


Knit Happens

Knit Happens
Created by high school seniors Mia Louise Stechschulte, Quin Dolan, Kameron Yancey and Izzy Heintz and junior Chris Hollandsworth
Knit Happens is a new, local and student run business focused on giving back to our St. Louis community. The business specializes in creating hand-knit hats and for each hat sold Knit Happens donates a portion of the proceeds to a social service organization around the STL area. Taking orders via email knithappens.stl@gmail.com


 Knead Love Bakeshop
Knead Love Bakeshop
Created by three siblings, Sam (16), Ben (14), and Molly (11.5) 
EASY BAKE, Make-at-home dog treats that are 100% Natural & Organic.
A portion of all profits are donated to to animal-related charities.
BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 20% off + Free Shipping on all orders! 
runs through 12/2

Ramsey Auto Detailing
Ramsey Auto Detailing
Created by high school senior Luke Ramsey 
Ramsey Auto Detailing, LLC is a comprehensive car detailing company that has served the St. Louis county and Southern Illinois areas since 2014. Any detailing needs your car may have, we're the go-to detailer! Surprise your loved ones with a beautiful gift certificate that is sure to "fit" their needs!


Nova Vita Co.
Created by high school senior Avery Callan
Handmade Ceramic Jewelry • lightweight! handmade! one of a kind!
All orders are shipped in recycled materials! 


Happiness Period
Happiness Period
Created by high school senior Emma Lee
Happiness. Period. A customizable period subscription box that allows women to select their preferred menstrual care products, sweet/savory treats and a surprise beauty product. With these boxes our ultimate goal is to make you happy and to combat the monthly battle of self worth, validation and confidence.


Boujee Beauty
Boujee Beauty
Created by high school senior Monica McCarthy
*For older girls - a beauty and accessories brand offering a more relatable take on the "Instagram Baddies". Boujee Beauty wants to make everyone feel like a 'baddie' without breaking the bank.


Thank you for supporting these kids and all local business this holiday season!


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