About S+S

Sissy + Snap! is the creative collective of sisters Audrey + Ava + their sidekick mother, Angela.

Many would consider 7 a magical number. So it’s probably not a coincidence that Audrey (11), was born on 7.17.07. And that was just the beginning of our journey.  

Audrey’s love for quirky & unique & trendy (not girly girl!) styles started at age 3 when she was awarded the title Class Fashionista in preschool. But let’s put fashion aside for a moment - just a moment - and talk about spunk. Audrey has a passion for all things business from sales, to presenting, to hiring (yes, hiring actual staff!). #girlgoals

When Audrey is not tinkering in her virtual corner office (a.k.a bedroom), she collaborates with younger sister Ava (5), a budding artist with a gentle, quiet kindness for all things animal + people.

In 2019, this creative collective formed Sissy + Snap! – a company that not only promises to create beautiful products, but to continuously promote inclusiveness for ALL GIRLSnot just this girl or that girl or it girl – through innovation, empowerment, creativity and entrepreneurship programs. We’re writing the next chapter for all girls and this story has a happy ending.   

Watch out! These young sisters also know a thing or two about boys. When the sisters aren’t busy creating, they spend their days flanked by their brothers - Ethan (13) and Ava’s twin, Mason (5).  


A Message From Mom - yes girls, it’s me :)

For my daughters: Hello there girls :)

There’s never been a more important time for girls, ALL GIRLS, to trust in their capabilities and believe in themselves. You both have such incredible courage, spunk & kindness. Share that with others. As we continue on this journey together I’ll be here, but only when you need me. I’ll be spending most of my time on the sidelines (always cheering!) – watching, learning & waiting – eager to see what’s next.   


Carry On Girls + Be Proud.